We ensure that JAVIPS speakers come with a vast knowledge and experience of the design, programming and implementation of IT systems. 

This knowledge, and in particular its uniqueness, determines the quality of our events. We believe that this is why the 3rd Szczecin Experts Java Meetings attracted as many programmers as the previous two.

To the autumn conference, we invited Łukasz Gebel, who works with technologies related to the JAVA ecosystem at TomTom every day. The theme of his lecture was the inspiration for the graphics on the JAVIPS shirts. We also hosted Adam Dubiel from the Allegro Group with the presentation “A request comes to service”. And finally Jakub Pilimon, Principal Technologist at Pivotal with the subject “Refactor and do it safely”.

The highest of quality and professionalism means a lot to us! Our event attracts not only IT specialists but also ambitious programmers aspiring to the role. 

We create a friendly space for knowledge and experience sharing.

If you want to create a community of Java specialists in Szczecin with us – do not hesitate!  Let’s talk about doing it together!

Łukasz Gebel

“Do programmers dream about stateless apps?”

Adam Dubiel

“A request comes to service…”

Jakub Pilimon

„Refactor and do it safely.”

Once a year it’s not enough 😊. The level of speakers is pretty high, and I would come even every three months despite of paying for entry.

In my opinion, it’s very positive. At the moment, I don’t see any things which required total improvement.

JAVIPS – more often than once a year! Quarterly would be excellent, but organising the event every half year is the minimum for JAVIPS community to grow.

An excellent and extremely substantive conference! […] Thanks for essential topics discussed in the field of microservice architecture and general semantics of software development.

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