Coronavirus pandemic forced us to change our conference plans in 2020.  Due to the current world health situation, we decided to organize the 4th edition of JAVIPS 100% online. To differ the brand new online meeting from the offline version of JAVIPS we named it JAVIPS TALKS.

The online meeting consisted of three talks transmitted in real-time during which attendees could ask questions, comment on the chat and win some extra prizes for being most active among the public. 

We made sure that JAVIPS TALKS 2020 was full of expert knowledge and topics as well as the biggest names among IT specialists on Poland Tech scene in the role of speakers.

Jarosław Pałka and Piotr Przybył started the event with their talk on code performance. They discussed “clean code” affecting system performance and answered the question „Why more doesn’t always mean faster?”.

The middle talk belonged to Jakub Marchwicki, who questioned the validity of tests and their division to unit tests, integration tests and acceptance tests. Big Kudos to Kuba for helping us with organizing the whole online conference from the very beginning. 

The icing on the cake was the Q&A session of three experts: Mariusz Gil, Jakub Pilimon and Sławek Sobótka. The speakers discussed the topic of domain, modules, boundaries and answered difficult questions from the public.

JAVIPS TALKS was well received by the JAVIPS community and we got great feedback from the meeting attendees. Hopefully, we will be able to meet all of you offline next time!


Piotr Przybył

‘Why more doesn’t always mean faster?’

Jakub Marchwicki

‘You were told – the test pyramid but you do microservices … and what now?’

Mariusz Gil

Jakub Pilimon

Sławek Sobótka

‘Domain exploration: tools Q&A’

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