This initiative was born of a passion for programming and a love of new technologies. There were no events in our city addressed to technology specialists, and this is how the idea of such ​​meetings now fills this gap.

JAVIPS is a large dose of advanced-level knowledge in three interesting presentations given by JAVA specialists. The goal of Szczecin Experts JAVA Meetings is to create a space for knowledge exchange at the highest level, coming not from Stack Overflow, but from speakers and attendees with many years of experience.


Kasia and Joanna, who work in the IT industry on a daily basis, are responsible for every detail, from the outset all the way up to the finishing touch.


Co-organizer of Szczecin Experts Java Meetings.

A lover of new technologies and knowledge sharing, of course, on an expert level. Katarzyna is a real people person, in passion and in practice professionally in the IT industry as a HR specialist. She openly admits she hasn’t ever watched ‘Star Wars’ but actually prefers the Game of Thrones. In her free time she does various sports, not very extreme ones, but sport nonetheless ;).



Co-organizer of Szczecin Experts Java Meetings and President of the JAVIPS Foundation. She once ran her own startup. She likes creating something new from scratch. Currently, she works at a Software House and after hours she enjoys practicing yoga.


Co-organizer of Szczecin Experts Java Meetings. 

In a day-time she works as an HR and is totally devoted to it. When the night comes she takes care of her beloved cat „Szafik” and relaxes with a cup of green tea or reads her best-liked criminal story. 

She admits that her all-time favourite is a serie about detective Hercule Poirot.

Paulina loves to laugh and easily finds reasons to be happy- be careful as her laugh is contagious

We guarantee


JAVIPS is a hefty dose of practical knowledge straight from the professionals. The perfect event for any programmer who cares about their own development.


The main half-hour break between talks and the unofficial part after the meeting will provide an opportunity for the exchange of knowledge and experience between speakers and event attendees.


Our event, although directed at specialists, is not associated with a suit and tie. Come and talk to people from your profession while enjoying delicious snacks and locally brewed beer.


Become part of the Java specialist community in Western Pomerania. First of all, JAVIPS is the space to exchange knowledge at the highest level.

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