The enthusiastic reception of the first JAVIPS conference prompted us to organize JAVIPS twice a year. The second meeting took place in spring 2019. 

Again we could count on our partners financial support and thanks to Consileon Polska and Magnetic Point we were able to organize another JAVIPS meeting.

JAVIPS as a rule is intended for developers with a minimum two years of professional experience. To our surprise,  we quickly ran out of 2nd edition tickets, so we were forced to raise the bar for those who wanted to participate in the meeting and despite this the venue of the 2nd edition was still filled with Java experts.

On the stage we hosted experts as well. They came with unusual attributes for programmers 🙂 Tomasz Michalak, Principal Software Engineer at Cognifide was the first to speak. Tomek talked about challenges programmers face while designing solutions for global brands. Jakub Marchwicki, renowned enthusiast of Microservices gave a presentation about microservice architecture. The last speaker gave us a real show! Piotr Przybył, equipped with a saw, explained why context is important when software is created. No programmer was hurt. Promise!

Tomasz Michalak

“System integration in the Event Driven Architecture”

Kuba Marchwicki

“Microservice everything”

Piotr Przybył


Once a year it’s not enough 😊. The level of speakers is pretty high, and I would come even every three months despite of paying for entry.

In my opinion, it’s very positive. At the moment, I don’t see any things which required total improvement.

JAVIPS – more often than once a year! Quarterly would be excellent, but organising the event every half year is the minimum for JAVIPS community to grow.

An excellent and extremely substantive conference! […] Thanks for essential topics discussed in the field of microservice architecture and general semantics of software development.

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