The idea of organizing meetups for JAVA experts in Szczecin was born when we noticed a lack of such events in both our city and the surrounding area of the Zachodniopomorskie voivodeship. Therefore, we decided to set up the JAVIPS Foundation to fill this gap. 

Our mission was to share expert knowledge among senior software programmers and build a community of JAVA specialists. 

Due to our efforts, the first conference for JAVA experts – JAVIPS 2018, was organized in Szczecin. 

JAVIPS hit the bullseye! We invited three IT Java practitioners who had been working in engineering and management positions within the IT industry for many years. These first three speakers to hit the JAVIPS stage were Bartłomiej Nićka, an IT consultant from Consileon Polska, Bartłomiej Słota TechLead and developer, and well-known in the Polish Java scene – Jarosław Pałka.

Almost 100 Java developers attended the event. The great atmosphere and positive feedback we received assured us that we were heading in the right direction with JAVIPS.

Bartłomiej Nićka

“Reactive Programming in Java”

Bartłomiej Słota

“Managing Business Processes In Microservice Architecture With Spring Ecosystem”

Jarosław Pałka

“We are all doomed, which is why, what we do cannot be called programming”

Once a year it’s not enough 😊. The level of speakers is pretty high, and I would come even every three months despite of paying for entry.

In my opinion, it’s very positive. At the moment, I don’t see any things which required total improvement.

JAVIPS – more often than once a year! Quarterly would be excellent, but organising the event every half year is the minimum for JAVIPS community to grow.

An excellent and extremely substantive conference! […] Thanks for essential topics discussed in the field of microservice architecture and general semantics of software development.

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